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  • What is an ebike?

    An eBike (electric bicycle) looks and feels just like a normal bicycle. If you know how to ride a normal bicycle, you will have no problem riding an electric one. The only difference is that an electric bicycle is powered by a battery that helps you pedal, thereby allowing you to climb a steep hill with barely having to exert any power. In short, an effortless and utterly pleasant experience!

  • Who can use an electric bike?

    Anyone who knows how to ride a bicycle. Your guide will explain you how to use the gear box. A short test of 10 meters and 4 rounds of pedals is enough to understand that it is very easy.

  • Are the bike rides safe?

    Security is a very important point for us. Our groups never exceed 6 people. Although Greek law does not require it, we recommend wearing a helmet provided by us. Your guide will brief you ,before leaving, all about safety for a perfect stroll!

    You can manage technical terrain, like off roads, roots rock gardens, and terrain features such as old stone steps and natural humps. You're not afraid to get out of your cultural comfort zone and experience something different, like visiting local artisan shops or restaurants were local/ traditional  dishes and beverages are served.
    You like to support local businesses and communities when traveling.

    However, you must know that some parts of the ride are on the road open to traffic, and you will scrupulously follow the instructions of your guide for safety.

    Important information
    *Not recommended for travelers with back problems
    *Not recommended for pregnant travelers
    *No heart problems or other serious medical conditions
    *age limit of 65 years
    Not allowed
    *Sandals or flip flops

    Customer must respect the environment..

  • How can I book an ebike tour?

    You can book your tour from our website, or by calling our store, or even by dropping by. It's highly recommended to book your tour at least 24 hours earlier to check availability.

  • What is the start time for the tours?

    Our tours have a standard start time 09:00 am.

  • What is provided and what do you need to bring?

    The cost of the tour includes the use of a comfortable full suspension e- bike, helmet, a bottle of water, entrance fee if exists.
    You might want to bring a camera since you’ll find a lot of great sceneries on tour.
    Otherwise we always take snapshots during the tour, which will be sent to you. We advise that you wear seasonally appropriate and comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. Sunglasses and Sunscreen is highly recommended.

  • What if I need to reschedule or cancel my reservation?

    Reservations may be rescheduled at any time, depending on availability. Full Refunds for cancelled tours are available within 3 days notice. 

  • Who can participate and can I bring my kids on the tour?

    Our tours are lead at a relaxing pace and are for both the "occasional" exerciser as well as for fully experienced bike riders. We welcome anyone who is in sufficient health to comfortably ride a bicycle. 

    Children: Children of at least 16 years of age are welcome on our tours. 

  • How safe are the tours?

    Safety is our number one priority. Each tour begins with a safety and bike usage talk. Our bikes are maintained by in-house mechanics on daily regular basis and our staff prepares a correct bike fit and size for every participant. The tour route takes place on the paths, trails, and sidewalks. We provide helmets (which all tour participants must wear) as well as safety lights on our evening tours.